Entry #1

Sun Wukong

2013-11-24 00:10:34 by RynoMountain

Hello every one I am Ryno a new member of New grounds.I'm a little nervous cause I never done this before so I mite spell my words wrong and I apologize for it....So!! as every one maybe already know this is Sun Wukong a.k.a the monkey king

Sun Wukong


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2014-05-19 22:06:52

Whoa, no one's even said "Welcome to Newgrounds" to you yet?!

Just review something from the Art Portal every time you visit, and you're sure to get people curious about you! Hope you've been enjoying yourself here!

RynoMountain responds:

I'm am enjoying myself..well lately not so much cause I still have no idea how Newground work.To much things to read and to understand. But I will understand it eventually WE MY FREAKING BODY UNDERGROUND!! I'm to old for this!! ( Don't mined me I've been grumpy lately). But thanks for the advice and help :D


2016-10-10 15:25:47

Hey, you're absolutely right, the thumbnail lured me in! :P Nice clickbait.

RynoMountain responds: